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What I am today and What I want to be next

May 7, 2020 • ☕️ 3 min read

Hi, I’m Tomoya.

This time I’ll just put ”What I am today and what I want to be next” into words.
That’s all on this post.

What I am today

  • Thirsty for knowledge. Knowing and Understanding are my things.

I always try to look up and understand what I don’t know, with no hesitation. If it’s about English or programming, I’d junp into every opportunity to understand it. I tend to put outputting aside and input too much tho.

  • Easily get into things and never lose interests in them

I easily get hooked on things and barely get bored of them once I get into. I can just have the same meal everyday if I really love it. Actually, I’m currently into programming so much that I almost forget to eat. And if I have small pockets of time, I always find myself watching Youtube videos to learn English, without even thinking about it.

  • Listening is in my blood. I don’t love speaking.

I don’t really speak to people because I prefer listening to speaking. From my experiences, when people talk with someone to get some advice or his/her opinion about what they’re talking, they most likely solve their problems by themselves and don’t need anything from others after all. They just need someone to listen to them. So I’m always a listener. I basically don’t talk that much and talk only if people really want me to.

  • Overthink and spend too much time on all the details.

I’m a overthinker. Even though I don’t have any issues with this blog as I declared not to overthink too much on my first post, I tend to spend too much time on tiny details of my essay assignments or resumes for job hunting. I really hate to overthink but at this point I have no clue how to fix this.

  • Just an introvert.

Since childhood, I’ve considered myself as an introvert. As Susan Cain once said,

Introverts have a preference for a quiet, more minimally stimulating environment.

and I totally agree with her. Of course I still enjoy chatting with friends, play some activities or getting drunk with them. However, I prefer 1-on-1 conversation or just studying with a couple of friends, rather than going to clubs, parties and all that stuffs.

  • Always try to be a giver, rather than taker.

I don’ really know why this idea always sticks in my head but I always want to give some values to others and that makes me happy and satified with what I did for them. At my uni and the programming school that I just graduated from, I always try to help people if needed, without thinking about my own time. I want to give MORE, therefore, I will try to do whatever it takes to maximize the opportunities that I can give something to others.

what I want to be next

  • A profoundly skillful engineer who has a great command in English

I want to be an excellent engineer who is good enough to be fully trusted by his company and great at English enough to get a job in English-speaking country and work in the equivalent position of English native speakers around.

  • Smart and good at listening, counted on by others

I want to become a go-to person in my company, meaning the person everyone thinks it’s the best to ask for information or opinions to. I’m not saying I want to lead people. I just want to be the person that always get relied on by others.

  • Confident and consistent with what to say

I want to be a person who speaks confidently with his own words and emotions, who has lots of experiences and introspections that make his words even stronger and more consistent.

  • Has more knowledge, experiences, time and money for giving to people I love.

Whether it’s business or private, I don’t want to forget this feeling that I’m eager to give others someing out of my knowledge or experiences, spending my time and money. Without asking for anything in return, I will keep this up because as the “give” all adds up and gets bigger, I feel happier and satisfied with my life.

Thank you for reading, guys. Cheers!


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