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May 1, 2020 • ☕️ 2 min read

Hey guys, I’m Tomoya.
Just decided to start off this blog to output what I learn and think about things(mainly programming stuffs) on a daily basis.

As this is the first post of this blog, the three things that I’d love to write about are as follows:

  1. Why I decided to start this blog (Why)
  2. The rules I impose on myself (How)
  3. What I am going to write about (What)

1 . Why I decided to start this blog

I made this blog because I wanted to brush up both English and Japanese writing skills and also output what I learn and think about from a variety of engineering fields such as System Engineer, Web Developer, and many other kinds. (Right now I’m on job hunting so I don’t know what kind of engineer I would be…)

The other day, an attractive IT company gave me the opportunity for the final interview along with a task below.

Decide three goals for a year from now, and propose specific ways to achieve them before the interview.

I’m not really sure if I can actually get into the company, however, I believe this task is a worthwhile to tackle whether I can pass the interview or not.

Then, the first thing came up in my head was maintaining and even improving my English writing (Japanese as well). And I thought this blog can effectively help me output what I learn as engineer at the same time.

So I will make this blog something I can recall what I’ve learned in the past or I can take some notes for future on. Course I’d love to make it easy for everyone who reads this but since this blog is built for a completely personal purpose, I kindly ask for your understandings if the posts are not what you want to read.

2 . The rules I impose on myself

I will not make strict rules for this blogging because I once gave up blogging with Wordpress site due to the strict rules like how many posts to write per a week and so on.

Therefore, I made three easy rules below.

  • Write a post in both English and Japanese
  • Don’t spend too much time on blogging. Engineering comes first.
  • Stop thinking about how to make it easier for others to read.

I’d really love to keep this blog alive for long this time since I couldn’t the last time I tried. So starting off with easy ones, I’ll add some rules if I can really keep blogging with them.

3 . What I am going to write about

As this is my personal blog, I would post whatever I want to post if that works for me. The things I’m expecting to live on this blog are as follows:

  • tips, shortcuts, and useful plugins for daily coding
  • how I run into errors and the solutions for them
  • what I think about new technology and dev-trends
  • work experiences as a newbie engineer
  • etc..

Thank you for reading my first post. I hope this blog will be something other engineers can gain some knowledge or motivation from. Stay awesome, guys!


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To output what I learn from things, and brush up both English & Japanese writing skills. 日々感じたことや学んだことを日本語と英語でアウトプットするための技術系ブログ