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May 4, 2020 • ☕️ 2 min read

I used bcrypt on Rails(API) project and it wasn’t easy to figure out how it works. So I’ll take a note of it.

Saving a password which users type in a form directly to the DataBase is really dangerous. So “bcrypt” uses something called hashing function to encrypt the password which users type in.

What is hashing function?

hashing function is a function that can get a data which has fixed length of string, regardless of the original length of the string.

If a string gets encrypted through hashing function…

  • the encrypted string will never return to be the original string
  • only the original string can get the same encrypted random string(called hash value) from hashing function
  • a typed string can be approved only if its hash value is the same as the original string

This bcrypt uses more techniques such as salt and key stretching and more. If you want to know more, I guess this article will help you.

To use bcrypt on your rails application, it is really simple and easy. ( If you are using devise for login-related features, bycrypt is already installed as default)

How to use

  1. If not using devise, you need to install bycrypt with Gemfile
gem 'bcrypt'
bundle install
  1. This time you’re going to encrypt password, so generate the User model as you usually do. Please note that the password column should be password_digest. You’ll see how important it is later on.
rails g model User name:string email:string password_digest:string
  1. After generating User model, run rails db:migrate.
rails db:migrate
  1. [important!] You need to write hassecurepassword in user.rb like this. This method can be executable once you install bcrypt. This ’hassecurepassword’ will encrypt the password and put it into password_digest column.
class User < ApplicationRecord

Now your application is ready to use bcrypt! A string which gets put into password column is going to be encrypted by hashing function, and the encrypted string will be saved on Database. A random string encrypted by hashing function is called hash value.

When a user want to login or edit his password, the application will check if the hash value for what he typed corresponds the one on Database. If corresponded, the user can finally login and edit the user information.

Thanks for reading, guys.


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