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My goals for next one year

May 3, 2020 • ☕️ 5 min read

Hey mates, I’m Tomoya. Here I’ll be describing my three goals for a year from now and specific ways to achieve them.

  1. Have a way better command in English which is almost equivalent to one in Japanese
  2. Prepare for working holiday
  3. Break out of “newbie” zone in the company I’m getting into

1. Have a way better command in English which is almost equivalent to one in Japanese

Since I’ve been into English as a language for over 10 years, I’m quite confident with my knowledge about English such as vocub, grammar, accents, slangs and those sorts of things.

Now I can definitely speak English and build relationships with people who only speak English.(which is awesome!!)However, what I’ve always focused on is not using English but just knowing it.

So over the past decade, I had been happy and satisfied with my English even though I’ve never had a long-term abroad experience. What I’m saying is that I wasn’t really passionate about using English.

However, these days I’ve started to imagine myself working with using English in a company which might be considering me a promising applicant. And now I’m thinking more about getting to be able to speak business English for my future career.


  • Keep up this bilingual blog(Writing).

This blog is completely bilingual. So managing and sticking to this blog simply means I have to keep writing English as much as I write Japanese for outputting what I learn and think.

Along the way, I would look up some words and phrases to make sure if I’m using them right so I can input English at the same time, rather than just outputting what I’ve already got.

  • Speak English with business people on Cambly(Speaking).

Cambly is a well known platform app in which you can practice speaking English with native English speakers anytime anywhere.

I will choose a regular plan(30mins / day & 5days / week) and only talk to business people because what I’m pursuing is not only learning how to speak business English but also knowing what they’ve experienced as a business person.

For the first 15mins, I will ask as many questions as possible and input what they've learned in their workfields. And the second 15mins, I will output what I learn from their talk and ask them to correct my English if it doesn't sound like business English

In terms of Reading and Listening, I’ll keep collecting new information from English sources, and watch American TV shows like “SUITS” and “Silicon Valley”(I love them SO much 😂)

2. Prepare for working holiday

I have a dream that I get a job in English-speaking country and work in the equivalent position of English native speakers around. Actually one of the reasons that I decided to study programming is, comparing to other types of jobs, it is relatively easier to work as an enginner in foreign country once you achieve certain skills.

To make the dream come true, what I’m definitely going to do by the age of 30 is Working Holiday.(Haven’t really decided where to go but most likely, Canada or Australia

Due to the covid-19 situation I can’t make a firm decision about when to go either, however, I’ll get ready to go for working holiday in 3〜5 years anyway.

After I eventually get there, I would study hard for IT-related diploma at local school, working in part-time job for paying bills. And then I’ll go straight into IT company with a refined resume and what I will actually learn at the school.


  • Save up money as much as possible

If I choose Australia for working holiday, it costs 400K〜500K yen at cheapest, excluding the money I can earn there. Adding the tuition of what is called TAFE( Technical and Further Education) makes it 1000K〜1100K yen so I’d like to save up 1200K yen for this working holiday.

Depending on how much I earn from the future company and how much my new place is going to cost, I need to save up 300K for 1st year, 400K for 2nd year, and 500K for 3rd year if going for working holiday in 3 years.

  • Make a researvation for a place to live beforehand

I’m planning to find my place to live for working holiday because I don’t wanna pay a lot of money for agent’s work. I’ll be using flatmates for Australia and roomgo for Canada.

As I’ll be busy with tasks or assignments from the school, I’d love to find a place which is relatively cheap and has my own room in which I can focus on developing what I need to build.

  • Be proactive for next job hunting

Job hunting in foreign country will be super hard for everyone. Therefore, I’m sure I need to do whatever it takes to make it easier beforehand in Japan.

For instance, I already made a LinkedIn account so I can fill out with the profile before going for working holiday. Or I can practice speaking in job interview by asking tutors on Cambly.

Furthermore, this blog itself is going to be something really helpful for job hunting in foreign country because it will effectively show off what I’ve experienced in Japanese company and what I’m capable of.

3. Break out of “newbie” zone in the company I’m getting into

In other words, I want to be the one who can somehow give a value to the company I belong to.

Since I don’t have any official work experiences yet (excluding 6-month internship), I’m expecting to take a lot from the company in a way they would give me job trainings and they put some extra time into my growth.

However, as an altruist (= the oppsite of egoist), I would rather stay away from that kind of situation and give some values to someone nearby. Plus, I believe teaching what I teach myself to others is more effective than getting taught by others.

In order to put myself in a giver position and make it easier for others to ask me something, I should actually develop myself as possible and give them awareness of what I’m capable of.


  • Talk to the most competent person in the company and ask how he or she study, and more importantly, do MORE.
  • Share what I learn and keep a record of my achievements on this blog.
  • Put my posts and as many benefitial articles as possible on “output” channel on Slack ( if it doesn’t exist, I’ll make one)
  • Participate in workshops and seminars outside aggressively

When I read this post after one next year, I hope I would be able to say “Well done” with confidence.

Thank you for reading, guys.


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