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Starting my first career

May 31, 2020 • ☕️ 3 min read

Finally I’ll start working as a system engineer from tomorrow.

I’m deeply grateful that my company picked me up gave me a opportunity to start my desired career. Therefore, I’ll try to work hard and study hard as much as I can to live up to their expectations.

So this time I will write down what I believe I should always be aware of from this new phase of my life, dividing it into Job and Life.


  • Stay aware of why you’re doing it

There’s a huge difference between those who just think about what they’re asked to do and those who fully consider “why they should be doing what they’re told to do”. Rather than just doing the tasks they’re told to do in such a passive way, I’d like to be independent and self-disciplined to think about “why these tasks need to be done?”, which helps me figure out where I really should start from for the best interest of my company. Therefore, I’ll always try to be aware of why I’m doing what I’m doing to never stop “thinking”.

  • Done is better than perfect

Yes it’s a very famous quote by Mark Zuckerberg. I don’t wanna spend too much time on making a perfect thing and eventually regret how long it took. Just pointless, isn’t it? Plus, since I’m a newb in my company and less likely to create a great thing on my own, it’s sure I should talk to my boss when reaching small milestones, and ask him to correct my direction. So I will try to get things done as quick as possible in a way I can prepare for the next task coming up from my boss.

  • Embrace one’s thoughts. Think deep. Be assertive.

I believe all of these three things are important for people in business. My ideal ability for business person would be like as follows; to sense what people really want you to do, to come up with something excels what they expected from you, and to give it to them in assertive way. As of today, I’m not really confident with assertiveness so I’ll work on it as much as possible to be my ideal business person.


  • Form a regular routine

Since living as a business person requires more stress and more exhaustion than living as a student, I need to reconsider my lifestyle. I’ll refrain from eating convenience store food. Also, I’ll firm up the bedtime once I get used to the daily rhythm in Tokyo because good sleep helps with job performance. Unlike students, people in business should take care of their own health and be responsible for it because being unhealthy causes a convenience in company. I’ll also clean my room on a daily basis for my mental health.

  • Enjoy what you wanna do to the full

Overwork can be a significant cause to decrease QoL( Quality of Life ). So putting aside job, I also need to fully enjoy what makes my soul happy during a break. As I’ll live in shared dormitory from now on, I’d like to interact with housemates and learn different values and inspirations from them, even though I’m such an indoorsy hooked on Netflix all the time. I’m really hyped and excited to hear their talks and grab new perspectives and values out of them.

  • Don’t forget to study in all weather

Since I chose to be an engineer by myself, I’m determined to spare most of my time for studying new technology and catching up with colleagues. Especially the first year I need to put in as much time as possible to learn the fundamental layer of knowledge for working in my company. Later on I will have to expandingly study a variety of technology in order to make use of them as supporting knowledge for current work and future career.

Well..I just wrote everything I came up with off the top of my head.

I’m too excited that I’m about to pass the new phase of my life, which makes it hard to sleep well. Alright now I’m going to bed because I don’t wanna show sleepy face on the first day of my engineering career.


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